RobinHood & iFly dark-night used the blue soleil to magically remove all malware from dune-cat

date: Mar14 Apr04

Dear ,

  • WoW1 o de 3 weeX: wave-board like skate-board but with just 2 wheels => to move then must keep swaying hips back and fro but will end up going forward in waves ~Low's instant kid

  • WoW 2 o de 3 weeX: Live Messenger now includes dynamic display-pictures (can take web-cam pictures of 4 emoticons so display picture changes to those whenever you use them)

  • info o de 3 weeX: Tipitaka Buddhism's teachings / Buddha's structured teachings of the Canonical Pali literature) is divided into 3 baskets (pitakas): Vinaya Pitaka (offenses, penalties, and rules for the ones designated to study Buddha's teachings), Suttanta Pitaka (discourses and sermons), and Abhidamma Pitaka (abstract philosophical teachings addressing ultimate truths

  • Awesome Product 1 o de 3 weeX: Lexmark Z1420 (color inkjet with WiFi) | RATING (out of 3): Quality: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 3 (Awesome) | REVIEW: extremely user friendly, even WiFi setup

  • Awesome Product 2 o de 3 weeX: Partition Wizard Business Edition (free hard-disk partitioning program) | RATING (out of 3): Quality: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 3 (Awesome) | REVIEW: free but works on XP or Vista, even better than Partition Magic, which sometimes doesn't even work

  • Powerful Service 1 o de 3 weeX: Muay Thai at Shangri La - Dubai by Ben | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 2.5, Availability: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 2, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 2.7 (Powerful) | REVIEW: not very flexible with the stance (seems to null other stances like boxing / Japanese arts, etc.), training is personalized and systemized (perfect technique with mirror -> perfect bag-training -> perfect pad training -> perfect sparring) with reasoning (not just rules) and very close attention to details (hence slow then fast) with huge emphasis on consuming minimal energy (hence not about speed nor fitness), only AED40 ($15) for around 3 hours, a little too much chit chat, sometimes up to an hour :P

  • Powerful Service 2 o de 3 weeX: iFly (indoor sky-diving at Dubai's new Mirdiff City Center) | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality, 3, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 2.5 (Powerful) | REVIEW: expensive at AED195 ($55), time depending on number of people (45 minutes for up to 10 people including training and preparation making it a minimum of 2 minutes per person) but service is excellent (very friendly, very professional, very safe-cautious)

  • Awful Product 1 o de 3 weeX: Partition Magic (for partitioning hard-disks on PCs) | RATINGS(out of 3) | Quality: 1, Availability: 1, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 2, Overall: 1.2 (Awful) | REVIEW: even though purchased it before, couldn't get it to work

  • Awful Product 2 o de 3 weeX: BlueSoleil bluetooth application (version 5 esp.) | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 1, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1 (Awful) | REVIEW: keeps insisting on running itself and activating bluetooth; even created its own network connection for bluetooth!

  • Awful Product 3 o de 3 weeX: Malware Removal Starter Kit by Solution Accelerators for Windows | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 1, Professionalism: 2, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1.35 (Awful) | REVIEW: supposed to be last-resort anti-virus system so won't have to format but way too hard to prepare the CD because have to do create the CD using DOS commands, and have to copy chosen anti-virus' entire program files, have to redo every time to update anti-virus signatures, instructions not very clear, corrupted my OS once because made a tiny error (forgot an underscore) and didn't work after I formatted the PC, but did corrupt my wireless card driver

  • Awful Service o de 3 weeX: 2306 SMS chat service in UAE | RATINGS (out of 3) Quality: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1 (Awful) | REVIEW: an absolute scam and spam, over $1 an SMS, even if never reached, even for requesting commands, which never even works. Also, cannot remove self from directory so keep getting SMSs from others, who seem to be just staff members!

  • MooVee o de 3 weeX: Dark Knight | RATING: Realism (acting / setting / effects): 3, Story (plot): 2 | Comedy (funniness): 1, Overall: 2 (Powerful) | REVIEW the best Batman version yet, especially due to The Joker's madness portrayal, and 2 Face is way better than ever before, but lacks some comedy as usual, though the special effects are beyond amazing. I checked out the special-features and found out that they used one of only 3 I-MAX cameras at that time, one of which broke, and they sabotaged an actual building for one of the scenes

  • FunnY 1 o de 3 weeX: life-guard at Maha Rotana in Abu-Dhabi told me to do "fist-stroke" cause was splashing too much with "whale-stroke"

  • FunnY 2 o de 3 weeX: giant DuneCat worm at

  • Lesson o de 3 weeX: disconnect anyelectronic device that is giving out a burning scent because it is a sign that it WILL soon fail, and if it does then it will short-circuit and disconnect all the electronics within the same fuse-box, and it might even ruin some. The source of the scent can even be a cable. You can check by smell, sight (burn marks) and touch (heat).

  • Newz o de 3 weeX: Robin Hood Tax idea that aims to charge a little more tax from big transactions @

  • eVent 1 o de 3 weeX: studied the Tipitaka contents (13 pages) and preface from's Guide to Tipikata (compiled by U Ko Lay)

  • eVent 2 o de 3 weeX: got a fake iPod Nano that is smaller and much better than the original for AED100 ($25) that support video, radio, voice-recording, audio, with 2GB, power-USB charger, USB cable, 3 month warranty, hard-disk transfer, and it works!!! Got it from Abu-Dhabi Co-Op in Abu-Dhabi Mall. The original is more expensive, does not support video nor radio nor voice-recording, hard to synchronize with (must be through iTunes), and doesn't even last!

  • eVent 3 o de 3 weeX: tried indoor sky-diving (iFly) at Dubai's new Mirdiff City Center

  • BlargH o de 3 weeX: got SMS from 2214 via cellphone about chat service so gave my nickname and gender to 2306 (BIG MISTAKE) as indicated, then realized that was getting charged AED4 (a little more than $1) for each SMS that I sent to it, even if it never reached (due to wrong recipient nickname for e.g.), and even for requesting commands info, which never even worked!

  • Quote o Wisdom 2 o de 3 weeX: "If you aren'tfired up with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." -Vince Lombardi


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\Rotana has a nice attitude towards the sexy metro/

date: Feb22 to Mar14

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: got a bus from a metro station to home that dropped me a few steps from it, though got a little misiniformation by RTA staff on where to get it and where it stoops :D

  • Blargh o de 3 weeX: mom dd not agree to sharing car (hence helping with down-payment) because father has a lot of debts so got angry and sister won't help cause of work conflicts and because my mother doesn't agree because the warranty is not original blargh 8/

  • FunnY o de 3 weeX: lifeguard at Rotana Arjaan Hotel told me not to roll in and out of the pool so I told him I don't need to be baby sat cause I'm 28 and can take care of self, then insisted so I asked for written proof of no rolling rule, but he persisted saying that he will be held responsible if anything happens, so told him that been rolling for over 3 years, but he persisted so I asked what I can do, jump? he said yes but no diving, so I started to cart-wheel into the pool instead lolOl

  • ??? o de 3 weeX: does sex really have any benefits, besides instant escapism, or is it marital bliss ( or martial bliss ;] )? I heard that marriage is only successful when sex does not play a vital role, and offspring has a role in breaking up the chemistry. Are reproduction and procreation truly the enemies of productivity and creativity???

  • Quote o Wisdom o de 3 weeX: "What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has an obstacle, and every obstacle has an opportunity." ~Mow Row (-J. Sidlow Baxter)


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/-|Khaleefa became a brave hero after making a coupe d'etat with Zuk on the cute Zilla|-\

Dear ,

  • eVent1 o de 3 weeX: took Zuk Lambada lesson (variant of salsa, similar but without the 'replace' and feet go between partner's feet and vice versa, a little more ... risky heHeh)

  • eVent2 o de 3 weeX: special-event at Khaleefa Park (Abu-Dhabi) was full of theme-park rides (including bunjy jump from construction reach-machine), skill rides (street ball, climbing, leaping, rappelling), shows (high diving, stage, mostly for kids, turns into cinema at night), etc.

  • BlargH o de 3 weeX: was attacked by a coup t'etat while setting up cabling (power and data) for the new office in Dubai
  • [more]
  • Awful Product o de 3 weeX: FileZilla kept making constant FTP upload time outs, no support since it's free, forums & "tickets" no good | wasted around 10Hours recording errors, reporting errors, and researching solution

  • Awsome Product o de 3 weeX: CuteFTP very simple and friendly interface, easy to use, and WORKS! 1 month trial, afterwards as low as $25 / can even get it with TrialPay (by purchasing a recommended product)

  • ViD o de 3 weeX: The Hero of the World about The Hero of the World @

  • Nick o de 3 weeX: Daiai Lamow -Low Jow Tow Pow

  • Quote o Wisdom o de 3 weeX: I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over the self." -Aristotle

  • Quote of Silliness o de 3 weeX: "I can't be your groom, but I can be your best man " ~Ryan Holman

BlargH o de 3 weeX [mored]
The interior designer tried to oust me (by over-emphasizing errors and reporting that to my boss) so can get commission from his cabling contacts. Same goes to an employee who was promised to be a share-holder upon completion of certain tests. She was trying to oust me from it too (by fabricating errors to my boss) so to have the new office her way (full of cable-TV and excessive data-cables in fear from wireless failure though one can use a switch to connect multiple PCs to one data-point).


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\- the IPredator chanted a mantra then slid into the dune of the island of happiness -/

Dear ,

  • eVent1 o de 3 weeX: got personal mantra sound (can't share it) from Art of Living at Sahaj (effortless) Samadhi (deep blissful meditative state) session

  • eVent2 o de 3 weeX: practised Bujinkan by self in park and had kids gathering and commenting (he's crazy, etc.) but ignored them 8]

  • Awsome Service1 o de 3 weeX: IPredator VPN (from works much better than VPNProNet so far (which frequently disconnected the internet)

  • Awsome Service2 o de 3 weeX: (can have own URL with own slide-shows and fun pix and other cool picture / video presentation stuff, then can imbed into any social-networking site)

  • Food o de 3 weeX: pear milk-shake

  • MooVee o de 3 weeX: Children of Dune From Dune, Planet of Arakis. I's a collection of series put together as one loong 5 hour movie.Though not as action and war packed, it's very amusing (especially with all the many politics-packed sub-plots, and relation to religion and rituals). I thoroughly enjoyed it but wished there was more war!!!

  • GaMe o de 3 weeX: Happy Island me love Happy Island; it loads fast, relaxes me, enlightens me, and helps keep me happy :D

  • info o de 3 weeX: meditation helps to clear the karmatic effects by clearing impressions / impacts of the 3 levels of conciousness (current life, past life, past lives) then enabling the divine light to free one self into contentment, enlightenment, and manifestation ~Mow Row (derived from Art of Living Sahaj Samadhi course)

  • Quote o Wisdom o de 3 weeX: "Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves." - Helen Keller

  • Quote o Motivation o de 3 weeX: "Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously and never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture!" -Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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/An avatar read the Bhagavat Gita in the island then saw some lasers in some village\

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: found Bhagavat Gita As it Is (the Hindu holy-book, with background music) streaming audio at

  • SHite1 o de 3 weeX: hired the 9th competitor researcher and still not happy with the work. Research outsourcers suck (either too many errors in formatting (when used comments to guide formatting) or too many errors in accuracy, or won't follow precedures.

  • SHite2 o de 3 weeX: 30 minutes after enteredGlobal Village started to rain heavily so had to take shelter then leave due to maintenance.

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: Laserdrome. A PHYSICAL shootem up at Laserdrome at Autodrome. Laser-light guns with sound for AED80 ($22) for 15 minutes. It's like living Unreal; it's real surreal unreal reality

  • Awful Product1 o de 3 weeX: "I'm a be" song. that has GOT to be the most annoying song I ever heard in my life "i'm a be i'm a be i'm a be i'm a i'm a i'm a i'm a be" AAAH SHADAAAAAAAAAP *throws stereo out the window*

  • Awful Product2 o de 3 weeX: QuickBooks Pro 2010 by Intuit. Takes around 4 hours to install on a PC within requirements) even though program said will take around 15 minutes!!! This lead me to beleive that I had something wrong in the admin settings => wasted a lot of time tweaking and researching and waiting. Afterwards, would not even register!

  • Awful Product3 o de 3 weeX: anabolics taken before strength-training session is too sugary and artificial, ends up making me feel sick.

  • Place1 o de 3 weeX: The Address Hotel at Downtown Burj Dubai, mega modern with huge abstract decoration items and an amazing bar next to enchanting ambience, greenscape and waterfalls. No wonder the cognac shot cost me around AED100 ($25) ;]

  • Place2 o de 3 weeX: Sega Republic at Dubai Mall. Many rides (including spinning roller-coaster, xtreme sports snowboarding sim) and vid-games (including 3d chamber versions for racing games, shootem ups like 2Spicy which takes at least 15 minutes of playing-time).

  • WoW1 o de 3 weeX: saw intense Atlantis new-year fireworks at a very close distance so that it's actually interactive (created strong vibrations in my chest).

  • WoW2 o de 3 weeX: a supplier quit when I told him that time-zone conversion is his job, even though I gave him my GMT difference, and had my local time live on Skype. Now that's moody.

  • info o de 3 weeX: forwarding virus alerts is not a good way to prevent nor deal with them because most of them are hoaxes or outdated or modified so much (due to getting forwarded so much) or actual viruses (through attachment or link) that they have that their effects is similar to viruses themselves (wastes time, wastes bandwidth (hence slows down internet), and can damage PCs).

  • Lesson o de 3 weeX: NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE OUTSTANDING which is what you would almost always see in outsource ratings). When outsourcing, don't look at the ratings and reviews, focus more on 1) similar projects done, 2) number of projects done, 3) payments made for them. Ratings and reviews mean nothing because buyers give out perfect ratings to get more bids, and to trade for a good ratings to get more bids.

  • newZ o de 3 weeX: Pawprint of a Pet Dog is More Than Double That of a Gas-Guzzling Sports Utility Vehicle @ !!!

  • newZ 2 o de 3 weeX: FaceBook will probably be charging for commercial services for brands in the future. [more] details

  • ? o de 3 weeX: who should do the time-zone conversion, buyer or supplier? What about in a one-on-one discussion?

  • MooVee o de 3 weeX: Avatar (movie). Creative yet relates strongly to life today, especially in terms of how US and Israel treat the rest of the world.

  • Game o de 3 weeX: Happy Island on FaceBook. Nice music and beach ambience especially. Concept is of generating tourism by building things that look like artifacts, and modern structures too. Can build decorations and sales-generators (as well as upgrade them) like markets, hang-out spots, and holiday accomodation.

  • SonG o de 3 weeX: "It's a Jungle Out There" -Randy Newman (Monk's theme song)

  • eXpression o de 3 weeX: bigbadabangbadaboob, bigbadabingbadaboom! ~Mow Row (God Father)

  • Quote of Wisdom o de 3 weeX: "Flawless Execution is not the pursuit of perfection; rather it is the pursuit of a method of operation that, when done correctly, can be replicated...we are always in pursuit of flawless execution." -James Murphy

  • Quote of Silliness o de 3 weeX: "The only time I will get in an accident is if the rear of the car in front of me runs into me" ~Sam

newZ 2 o de 3 weeX [mored]
COO of FaceBook (Sheryl Sandberg) said "we are not planning on charging a basic fee for our basic services" and spokeswoman (Brandee Barker) said "company may introduce new ways to charge brands for engaging with users" and Jeremiah Owyang (senior analyst with Forrester Research) said "it’s hard to imagine that they would be able to create a premium version and be successful in the near future" and does not think that “advertising is the primary route of revenue that they’ll pursue in the future.” -Business Week (


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\| A Window to Beauty Was Found Surfing in the Attractive Turf o a Farm of Snakes, Babies, & Nuts |/

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: trained using wooden nunchucks rather than foam (got hit in the elbow twice though ooch)

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: upgraded my FarmVille farm to Homestead size, and bought tractor for speeding up plowing (plows 4 blocks at a time)

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: got honesty repeated about me as a virtue 4 times in 8 sets of virtues (8 people made 8 sets of virtues by sitting in front of each other for a little while, as part of a Brahma Kumaries inner-beauty workshop)

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: saw, bought, and tried tried some Snake Fruit (scale like a snake's but tastes fine; mostly sweet), Baby Madarins (size like red grapes, sweet and sour), and saw a 'tender pine nut' (like a gigantic chest nut!

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: ABC website quick (instantly loads even over 256KB) audio / video news, easy to find, summaries available, Australian

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: hi5: not only can easily customize page with many themes, but can have personlized avatar with mood of choice, categorize friends list to make seperate mailing (to send) and update lists (to view), AND can rid of ads by paying a small monthly fee!!!

  • SHite o de 3 weeX: took about 6 hours to fix up 2 routers (D-Link, LinkSys) to make them work with a Vista laptop, with manufacturers' phone-support. D-Link was useless

  • Awful Product o de 3 weeX: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium with System Administration: if want to allow a user to access a file, then must give ownership to it (cannot do anything unless the user OWNS it, even if you give the user TOTAL permission!!!)

  • info o de 3 weeX: The 3 Steps to Deliberate Attraction (Law of Attraction forumula, presented by Moira Macintosh of Law of Attraction Meetup groups in UAE): 1) decide (with passion), 2) focus (visualize / write / ..), 3) allow (affirmations)

  • info o de 3 weeX: inner beauty results from acceptance, virtues, and inner-silence, which leads to the ability to shine out like a light-house, therefore revealing great virtues and also giving guidance to others -Brahma Kumarie's Lila at A Vision of Inner Beatuy workshop

  • PlaCe o de 3 weeX: Surf N Turf restaurant at Marina Walk: good music (jazz / eclectic / soft rock) with nice lighting (green & red)

  • HeH o de 3 weeX: VPN sometimes only works when directly connected to wall so thought it was a router problem, but then sometimes doesn't work even when directly connected anyway. Is it the ISP or is it the VPN provider? If it's the ISP then why is it intermitent? ^oO^

  • ViD o de 3 weeX: Fishsticks (SouthPark episode) about Kanye West being offended by being called a "gay fish" even though it is based on a word-play joke

  • Quote: o de 3 weeX: "No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself" - DennisWaitley.


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\\ Superman had Unlimited Power Online due to Intercourse with Kayosaki at a DotComSecrets battle //

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: Internet Marketing coach on FaceBook and Skype!

  • eVent 2 o de 3 weeX: my company (Baker Tilly MKM) purchased a new office for AED2million at Business Bay in Dubai

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: an IT Salary benchmark site that compares your job salary to others' within the same country comparing the effect of different industries, certificates, years of experience, job functions, etc.) (VERY informative yet EXTREMELY easy, and with an entertainment section)

  • Awsome Service 2 o de 3 weeX: UPO 2009 (Unlimited Power Online): Internet Marketing seminar by Ernesto Verdugo was REALLY good packed with marketing, internet marketing, and mindset strategies, tactics, tools, enetertainment and even a party with the gurus (with free drinks and food) at Atlantis' beach bar!

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: a blind internet marketer (attended Unlimited Power Online 2009 as a speaker) makes around $50,000 a month in internet marketing alone! His name is Matt Wadsworth @ . Apparently makes most of that money by doing affiliate marketing.

  • LessoN o de 3 weeX: if you want to keep hair long then first say that you just want to clean up the neck, then ask for specific places to shorten a bit (give step by step instructions, and DON'T MAKE YOUR SUPPLIER THINK).

  • Food o de 3 weeX: Superman Falafel & Foul sandwich! (Egyptian)

  • FunnY o de 3 weeX: ok2x means ok ok (from a Philippino contractor who says it is prevalent way of texting / chatting in the Philippines)

  • FunnY 2 o de 3 weeX: King of Prussia and Intercourse are a mall, and a place, respectively, both in Pansilvania!

  • HeH? o de 3 weeX: isn't Robert Kayosaki part of the reason for the credit-crunch? If so then why is everybody raving about his books? ^Oo^

  • Quote o de 3 weeX: "The battle is won or lost in the mind long before it is manifested in the material world." -unknown

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/\Von made an attractive burger for Timbaland which worried him so he MuayThai'd his ass foo! /\

Dear ,

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: saw a very old friend whome I haven't seen in a long time in the midst of a HUGE crowd (well he saw me first), and I only thought about him the day before. Law of Attraction at work!.
  • eVent o de 3 weeX: had Indian Burger (Dabeli) (aloo (potato) in bun) from Japang Bhog. Pretty good really, and healthy too!

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: Von Dutch "Genuine Junk" urban clothing shop discounts in Dubai Mall e.g. cap from AED250 to AED30, and buy 2 get one free because closing soon (no wonder being so frikking expensive)

  • SHite o de 3 weeX: saw Timbaland at 'Beats on the Beach' in Abu-Dhabi by Flash Entertainment (Timbaland is some lyricist who makes awful RnB music, not even trying to sing).

  • FunnY o de 3 weeX: Muay Thai competition enthusiast got offended by me not taking his opinion about always training with an instructor. [more]

  • Quote o de 3 weeX: "It is not work that kills people, it is worry. Work is healthy; you can hardly put more on one than one can bear. But worry is rust upon the blade. It is not movement that destroys the machinery, but friction." ~Mow Row (- Henry Ward Beecher).

FunnY o de 3 WeeX [mored]
I called a Muay Thai competition enthusiast (to train with) so he asked me about how I train. I replied that been to alot of instructors for around 3 years, didn't stick to anyone particular cause didn't like them, so started to train with / vids / friends and occasional "instructor" visits.

He replied that training without an instructor is BULL, and can meetup just to run otherwise with the instructor. I gently replied that some instructors say that to keep students, but they teach things that must be practised regularly, he disagreed and mentioned the big pads, sand bags, running etc. so I said it's his opinion which I respect and which he can keep. He replied telling to go train by myself then told my connection not to call him back; loOol! Some people are seriously closed-minded!

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