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SHite o De Day: the pains of religious commitments

Following is an excerpt from my TJP (Technical Journal & Planner) about the pains or inefficiencies of obligations in religions, specifically Islam.

"delayed by uncle because he wntd to pray so:
1) waited for change to proper clothing for rest.
2) he thought that print in Arabic meant type so thot wil take while for me so he changed to dish-dasha to go to mosque
3) I said dat shod change bak to prpr to pray in mosque with hm on way bt he said dat wod rthr goto mosque and come bak
so to go to rest.
aftr. I said dat shod jst com to restaurant bt he said dat dn't no wer
4) finaly he sed dat wil pray quik @ home den go to rest., so I prntd den saw him waitng for prayer time so again I sed dat
shod jst go to mosque on way and by time der wil be prayer time. He disagreed and spent ~10M prayng in advance
saying wil pray same prayer again later
5) waited fr hm to change (~2M) den left.. finally
In total, got delayed by about 45Minutes because of this one single prayer."

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