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11 February 2006 @ 01:14 pm
Last2Weeks \\-| Debutants on quad-bikes drinking chardineh are the people of P&G |-//  
Dear Quad-Bikers,

  • eVent: dd Quad Biking (@ Al-Ramla)

  • SHite: mesd up P&G citical-thinking & analytical reasoning' tst by ansrng 25/50, gsd rst

  • Place: Hatta Fort Hotel, de only mountn rzrt in de UAE, wd archry, clay-pjn shootng, 2 swmng pools, & a jogng-trak.

  • HeH ? P&G critical-thinking & analytical reasoning tst is extrmly hrd w/ almst nthng bt tuf maths

  • i: Chardineh is nt brnd bt type o grape

  • Word: debutant (person that makes his/her appearance (debut) before the public) ~Martijin

  • eXpression: zing (verbal attack) ~You Got Mail

  • Quote (wisdom) : A hard beginning makes a good ending ~Jill

Current Mood: groggygroggy