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Past 30 Days: \-|Samsung Memory sticks are provided at Montgomerie in association with Siemens|-/

Dear Montgomerie golf course .. the largest single green in the WORLD!!!,

  • eVent: bot new montr fr AD: Samsung Syncmaster TFT 17'' frm Carrefour

  • News: ArabianRanches' Angsana jm nw hz > mashines & TV !

  • Place: Montgomerie hlth-clb (HUGE washroom w/ sofas to relax & reed, plunj pool, sauna, many showers, chanjng roomz w/ lether seets)

  • i: Memory Stick PRO has mor space dan nt PRO, & Duo is smoler bt hz adptr 2 ft in nt Duo ==> best to worst: Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick

  • SHite1: Siemens thot dat am stil studnt, so wntd 2 gv prt-time 4 a YEAR! ==> dnd't gt job

  • SHite2: Grand Cinmeas hz out-of-date sho-timings on net

  • SHite3: got cnstpshn & stmk ake aftr 8 @ Leewan (@ ThunderBowl)

  • ShoW: RadioGoDaddy

  • Yummy: Pita fish-sandwich ~Odysseus (Greek rest. @ KV)

  • ProgRam: PicoSearch @ (website search addon, dsn't need Frontpage extenshns)

  • Game: TV-Tycoon (vry #-based bt teeches biz & TV industry)

  • Trik: MS Word bullets mshrmnts: treet mshrmnt fr space aftr bulet and indentshn o nxt line as absolute, dat is, nt in rlvns w/ de bulet, bt in rlvns to de left mrjn

  • Nick: MowRowkz -VoOv

  • SonG: Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz

  • Word: meandering (following a turning course) ~Discover Dubaie

  • Quote: You don't own it! It's yours! -Pimp My Ride

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