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Weekly Wrap Up: \\-DubaiLand & ZamZam join up to sprinkle upon McCafe & FourSys-//

Dear ,

  • eVent o de Week: registered for ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)

  • DisKovery o de Week: new McDonald's coffee shop named McCafe (found one at Meadows Village).

  • WaW o de Week: ZamZam Publishing (ACCA publishing company in UAE) really did deliver the ACCA books in just one day.

  • Place o de Week: Meadows Club's Hayya (very neat, very spacious, very clean, jacuzzi, steam, big pool in big area w/ 2 other pools around and good architecture, great gym ambience w/ 6 flat screen TVs and nice speakers fr music).

  • Best Company o de Week: ZamZam Publishing (extremely fast)

  • Worst Company o de Week: FourSys Training (ACCA tuition provider): slow service because books still not provided though 2 weeks passed, lecture notes not provided until forced to, messed up lectures due to note format and instructor</b>

  • Blarg o de Week: got stuck in traffic at Dubai Land roundabout 2 times 45M each time ==> ~ 2H stuck in traffic to & from Dubai Land (Emirates Road to, Al-Suqqaim Road from)

  • eXpression o de Week: blekh ~Yam

  • Quote (Cute) o de Week: “If you sprinkle while you trinkle, then be a sweetee and wipe the seatee" -Hill International toilet

IHateDubaiTrafficFully (ibnil gahba illy gool inno Dubai mabiha za7ma!) (SOB that says that Dubai has no traffic jams!)
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