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Week Wrap: \\// A Posh Minded Pharaoh Built the City Upon a System of Happy Memories \\//

Dear ,

  • eVent o de Week: CV system up on MoWmania, includes latest CV version, additional experience entries, samples of work, and references.

  • Place o de Week: Wafi City (visually pleasing Pharoah civilization theme everywhere, Memories: 18th century interiors, huge plants indoors, many posh restaurants in one space near 3 pools & jacuzzi, health club, lots of space, plenty of posh shops)

  • Song o de Week: I Can Read Your Mind (don't know who the artist is :/ )

  • Quote (wisdom) o de Week: Money can buy a bed but not sleep, it can buy a house but not a home, it can buy temporary happiness but not joy ~Rads Sy (

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