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/\ the metro provides the knight's DNA with proactive VPN to wrap-up the dark leeching outlook /\

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: Unleash Your DNA being a free (up to now) yearly 8 hour inspirational seminar organized by RAW Group, headed by Reg Athwal, who really seems to be very knowledgable, and likable too. This year had around 10 speakers, and around 500 audiences.

  • SHite o de 3 WeeX: got called to move my car as soon as reached home (20 minutes walk, in the constrution are dirt). I slipped by the slippery mud and hit my shin into a big piece of metal while going back (ouch!). All that because the attendant was in the bathroom so didn't see me to tell me that it was not allowed to park there. Whatever happened to good ol' signs eh?

  • SHite2 o de 3 WeeX: Microsoft Outlook 2007 keeps crashing. I hate it.

  • newZ o de 3 WeeX: text text MoWrOw's WrapUp Blog now triweekly!

  • Awsome Service o de 3 WeeX: Dubai RTA's Dubai Metro extremely safe, very clean and neat, very user friendy except for the refill kiosks, extremely cheap at AED7 for the entire trip from Ibin Batuta Mall or New Dubai to Rahidya Station or Bur Dubai.

  • Awsome Service2 o de 3 WeeX: VPN Pro Net VPN service (for privacy, security from attacks and info theft, transaction scope, Skype savings) which is extremely easy to set up, costs only $8 a month, with awesome (instant and friendly) site and email support.

  • Awful Service o de 3 WeeX: text text Dubai RTA's buses went to bus stop according to RTA's Wojhati online, checked with personnel at station, checked with Wojhati on phone twice, but no bus stopped for ~ 1 hour even though waved.

  • Awful Service2 o de 3 weeX: LeechGet Team didn't send license number even though been 3 days minimum since purchase (got receipt) and said will take 2 days maximium, then when used site support to get it didn't work /\ then didn't reply to email regarding license number, and took them 6 days to send license key, and even then not sure if it works. Also, program forces you to have it as the default program, and there is no way to change that, I even asked them but they didn't reply for a really long time now.

  • Vid o de 3 weeX : The Dark Knight - Joker Interrogation Scene @

  • Quote o de 3 weeX: "If you do not pro-actively direct your life then something or someone else will. Create a future picture statement; take charge and set your own course! It is dangerous just to be responding to the world around you without any preconceived vision, goals, and objectives." -Mow Row (~Gordon Bruin)

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