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/\Von made an attractive burger for Timbaland which worried him so he MuayThai'd his ass foo! /\

Dear ,

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: saw a very old friend whome I haven't seen in a long time in the midst of a HUGE crowd (well he saw me first), and I only thought about him the day before. Law of Attraction at work!.
  • eVent o de 3 weeX: had Indian Burger (Dabeli) (aloo (potato) in bun) from Japang Bhog. Pretty good really, and healthy too!

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: Von Dutch "Genuine Junk" urban clothing shop discounts in Dubai Mall e.g. cap from AED250 to AED30, and buy 2 get one free because closing soon (no wonder being so frikking expensive)

  • SHite o de 3 weeX: saw Timbaland at 'Beats on the Beach' in Abu-Dhabi by Flash Entertainment (Timbaland is some lyricist who makes awful RnB music, not even trying to sing).

  • FunnY o de 3 weeX: Muay Thai competition enthusiast got offended by me not taking his opinion about always training with an instructor. [more]

  • Quote o de 3 weeX: "It is not work that kills people, it is worry. Work is healthy; you can hardly put more on one than one can bear. But worry is rust upon the blade. It is not movement that destroys the machinery, but friction." ~Mow Row (- Henry Ward Beecher).

FunnY o de 3 WeeX [mored]
I called a Muay Thai competition enthusiast (to train with) so he asked me about how I train. I replied that been to alot of instructors for around 3 years, didn't stick to anyone particular cause didn't like them, so started to train with / vids / friends and occasional "instructor" visits.

He replied that training without an instructor is BULL, and can meetup just to run otherwise with the instructor. I gently replied that some instructors say that to keep students, but they teach things that must be practised regularly, he disagreed and mentioned the big pads, sand bags, running etc. so I said it's his opinion which I respect and which he can keep. He replied telling to go train by myself then told my connection not to call him back; loOol! Some people are seriously closed-minded!

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