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\| A Window to Beauty Was Found Surfing in the Attractive Turf o a Farm of Snakes, Babies, & Nuts |/

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: trained using wooden nunchucks rather than foam (got hit in the elbow twice though ooch)

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: upgraded my FarmVille farm to Homestead size, and bought tractor for speeding up plowing (plows 4 blocks at a time)

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: got honesty repeated about me as a virtue 4 times in 8 sets of virtues (8 people made 8 sets of virtues by sitting in front of each other for a little while, as part of a Brahma Kumaries inner-beauty workshop)

  • WoW o de 3 weeX: saw, bought, and tried tried some Snake Fruit (scale like a snake's but tastes fine; mostly sweet), Baby Madarins (size like red grapes, sweet and sour), and saw a 'tender pine nut' (like a gigantic chest nut!

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: ABC website quick (instantly loads even over 256KB) audio / video news, easy to find, summaries available, Australian

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: hi5: not only can easily customize page with many themes, but can have personlized avatar with mood of choice, categorize friends list to make seperate mailing (to send) and update lists (to view), AND can rid of ads by paying a small monthly fee!!!

  • SHite o de 3 weeX: took about 6 hours to fix up 2 routers (D-Link, LinkSys) to make them work with a Vista laptop, with manufacturers' phone-support. D-Link was useless

  • Awful Product o de 3 weeX: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium with System Administration: if want to allow a user to access a file, then must give ownership to it (cannot do anything unless the user OWNS it, even if you give the user TOTAL permission!!!)

  • info o de 3 weeX: The 3 Steps to Deliberate Attraction (Law of Attraction forumula, presented by Moira Macintosh of Law of Attraction Meetup groups in UAE): 1) decide (with passion), 2) focus (visualize / write / ..), 3) allow (affirmations)

  • info o de 3 weeX: inner beauty results from acceptance, virtues, and inner-silence, which leads to the ability to shine out like a light-house, therefore revealing great virtues and also giving guidance to others -Brahma Kumarie's Lila at A Vision of Inner Beatuy workshop

  • PlaCe o de 3 weeX: Surf N Turf restaurant at Marina Walk: good music (jazz / eclectic / soft rock) with nice lighting (green & red)

  • HeH o de 3 weeX: VPN sometimes only works when directly connected to wall so thought it was a router problem, but then sometimes doesn't work even when directly connected anyway. Is it the ISP or is it the VPN provider? If it's the ISP then why is it intermitent? ^oO^

  • ViD o de 3 weeX: Fishsticks (SouthPark episode) about Kanye West being offended by being called a "gay fish" even though it is based on a word-play joke

  • Quote: o de 3 weeX: "No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself" - DennisWaitley.


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