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/An avatar read the Bhagavat Gita in the island then saw some lasers in some village\

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: found Bhagavat Gita As it Is (the Hindu holy-book, with background music) streaming audio at

  • SHite1 o de 3 weeX: hired the 9th competitor researcher and still not happy with the work. Research outsourcers suck (either too many errors in formatting (when used comments to guide formatting) or too many errors in accuracy, or won't follow precedures.

  • SHite2 o de 3 weeX: 30 minutes after enteredGlobal Village started to rain heavily so had to take shelter then leave due to maintenance.

  • Awsome Service o de 3 weeX: Laserdrome. A PHYSICAL shootem up at Laserdrome at Autodrome. Laser-light guns with sound for AED80 ($22) for 15 minutes. It's like living Unreal; it's real surreal unreal reality

  • Awful Product1 o de 3 weeX: "I'm a be" song. that has GOT to be the most annoying song I ever heard in my life "i'm a be i'm a be i'm a be i'm a i'm a i'm a i'm a be" AAAH SHADAAAAAAAAAP *throws stereo out the window*

  • Awful Product2 o de 3 weeX: QuickBooks Pro 2010 by Intuit. Takes around 4 hours to install on a PC within requirements) even though program said will take around 15 minutes!!! This lead me to beleive that I had something wrong in the admin settings => wasted a lot of time tweaking and researching and waiting. Afterwards, would not even register!

  • Awful Product3 o de 3 weeX: anabolics taken before strength-training session is too sugary and artificial, ends up making me feel sick.

  • Place1 o de 3 weeX: The Address Hotel at Downtown Burj Dubai, mega modern with huge abstract decoration items and an amazing bar next to enchanting ambience, greenscape and waterfalls. No wonder the cognac shot cost me around AED100 ($25) ;]

  • Place2 o de 3 weeX: Sega Republic at Dubai Mall. Many rides (including spinning roller-coaster, xtreme sports snowboarding sim) and vid-games (including 3d chamber versions for racing games, shootem ups like 2Spicy which takes at least 15 minutes of playing-time).

  • WoW1 o de 3 weeX: saw intense Atlantis new-year fireworks at a very close distance so that it's actually interactive (created strong vibrations in my chest).

  • WoW2 o de 3 weeX: a supplier quit when I told him that time-zone conversion is his job, even though I gave him my GMT difference, and had my local time live on Skype. Now that's moody.

  • info o de 3 weeX: forwarding virus alerts is not a good way to prevent nor deal with them because most of them are hoaxes or outdated or modified so much (due to getting forwarded so much) or actual viruses (through attachment or link) that they have that their effects is similar to viruses themselves (wastes time, wastes bandwidth (hence slows down internet), and can damage PCs).

  • Lesson o de 3 weeX: NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE OUTSTANDING which is what you would almost always see in outsource ratings). When outsourcing, don't look at the ratings and reviews, focus more on 1) similar projects done, 2) number of projects done, 3) payments made for them. Ratings and reviews mean nothing because buyers give out perfect ratings to get more bids, and to trade for a good ratings to get more bids.

  • newZ o de 3 weeX: Pawprint of a Pet Dog is More Than Double That of a Gas-Guzzling Sports Utility Vehicle @ !!!

  • newZ 2 o de 3 weeX: FaceBook will probably be charging for commercial services for brands in the future. [more] details

  • ? o de 3 weeX: who should do the time-zone conversion, buyer or supplier? What about in a one-on-one discussion?

  • MooVee o de 3 weeX: Avatar (movie). Creative yet relates strongly to life today, especially in terms of how US and Israel treat the rest of the world.

  • Game o de 3 weeX: Happy Island on FaceBook. Nice music and beach ambience especially. Concept is of generating tourism by building things that look like artifacts, and modern structures too. Can build decorations and sales-generators (as well as upgrade them) like markets, hang-out spots, and holiday accomodation.

  • SonG o de 3 weeX: "It's a Jungle Out There" -Randy Newman (Monk's theme song)

  • eXpression o de 3 weeX: bigbadabangbadaboob, bigbadabingbadaboom! ~Mow Row (God Father)

  • Quote of Wisdom o de 3 weeX: "Flawless Execution is not the pursuit of perfection; rather it is the pursuit of a method of operation that, when done correctly, can be replicated...we are always in pursuit of flawless execution." -James Murphy

  • Quote of Silliness o de 3 weeX: "The only time I will get in an accident is if the rear of the car in front of me runs into me" ~Sam

newZ 2 o de 3 weeX [mored]
COO of FaceBook (Sheryl Sandberg) said "we are not planning on charging a basic fee for our basic services" and spokeswoman (Brandee Barker) said "company may introduce new ways to charge brands for engaging with users" and Jeremiah Owyang (senior analyst with Forrester Research) said "it’s hard to imagine that they would be able to create a premium version and be successful in the near future" and does not think that “advertising is the primary route of revenue that they’ll pursue in the future.” -Business Week (


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