MoWrOw (slowmow) wrote,

\Rotana has a nice attitude towards the sexy metro/

date: Feb22 to Mar14

Dear ,

  • eVent o de 3 weeX: got a bus from a metro station to home that dropped me a few steps from it, though got a little misiniformation by RTA staff on where to get it and where it stoops :D

  • Blargh o de 3 weeX: mom dd not agree to sharing car (hence helping with down-payment) because father has a lot of debts so got angry and sister won't help cause of work conflicts and because my mother doesn't agree because the warranty is not original blargh 8/

  • FunnY o de 3 weeX: lifeguard at Rotana Arjaan Hotel told me not to roll in and out of the pool so I told him I don't need to be baby sat cause I'm 28 and can take care of self, then insisted so I asked for written proof of no rolling rule, but he persisted saying that he will be held responsible if anything happens, so told him that been rolling for over 3 years, but he persisted so I asked what I can do, jump? he said yes but no diving, so I started to cart-wheel into the pool instead lolOl

  • ??? o de 3 weeX: does sex really have any benefits, besides instant escapism, or is it marital bliss ( or martial bliss ;] )? I heard that marriage is only successful when sex does not play a vital role, and offspring has a role in breaking up the chemistry. Are reproduction and procreation truly the enemies of productivity and creativity???

  • Quote o Wisdom o de 3 weeX: "What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has an obstacle, and every obstacle has an opportunity." ~Mow Row (-J. Sidlow Baxter)


MoWrOw's WrapUp BLARG!!! (TM)
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Tags: attitude, lifeguard, metro, pet, rotana arjaan, rta, sex
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