September 22nd, 2009

\\// Reiki gives a steady state to those who make oDesk mistakes in Muay Thai using Etisalat //\\

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  • eVent o de 2 weeX: invented Muay Thai training programs, one I call Principle & Technique Boost, and the other I call Speed & Combo Boost.

  • info o de 2 weeX: Reiki means Rei (Universal Energy / God Power / Holy Energy / Surpeme Power / vertical energy / white light) Ki (Life Force / Prana in Hindi / energy of the thoughts, emotions, and spirit / earthly energy / horizontal energy). [more below]

  • App o de 2 weeX: Windows SteadyState by Microsoft enables system administration without having to have Windows XP Pro, though nowhere as good as Windows XP Pro Group Policy Tool because is inconsistent and needs time to learn and adapt to.
  • SHite o de 2 weeX: oDesk is extremely confusing, especially when paying by the hour whereby you get 10s of conflicting work reports or time-sheets, and you get charged without notice, so I ended up paying for the same thing twice

  • SHite2 o de 2 weeX: Etisalat power-drains the Blackberry. Etisalat installed a patch on Blackberry that aims to siphon info whenever one request roaming services or upgrade from them, but instead of doing only that, it drains huge amounts of power rendering it barely functional.

  • Quote o de 2 weeX: "There are no mistakes. The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they're necessary to reach the places we've chosen to go." -Richard Bach

info o de 2 WeeX: Reiki [more]
Reiki is an ancient healing art that was rediscovered by Usui in the 1800s. The idea is that by having certain principles and attitudes towards life, anybody can attract the Universal Energy to heal anything, including electronics since everything is made up of the same energy.

The principles of life are straightforward really: be kind to all, do not be angry, do not worry, be honest, be thankful. By having these principles, the ability to attract Universal Energy or Ki (Chi in Chinese) is possible, and is assisted with attunement by an existing Reiki master who will help open up the chakras.

The princples when it comes to healing: the focus must always be on giving, from both the person bringing healing, and the person being healed. The most important principle is to leave ego aside, even when it comes to the idea of being a healer whereby one must not think of himself as a healer, but simply a channel for the healing. Also, the healing must be done with love. The light then travels to the chakras with most need, but distributing the light with the hands helps to balance out the healing effect.

Each chakra is embeded with Mental/Emotional features, Physical Features, hence Mental/Emotional Problems, Physical Problems, and hence the door to bring mental balance, the ability to heal emotional ailments, and the ability to heal physical ailments.

Physical problems are explained in terms of stress in this life and the past life. In this life, stress causes toxins to accumulate in the body, so the defensive mechanism over-reacts to remove the toxins, which causes inflamation, and fever builds up in aim to burn the toxins. In past lives, the actions were recorded in the DNA, so any bad karma that has not been cleared lead to stress that is high enough to cause an over-defensive mechanism called "armouring", that is, to have been locked up within the body. That locked up stress later causes the same symptoms as stress in this life, hence causing an overreactive defensive mechanism causing inflamation and fever and such.

Whenever a person summons Reiki to heal himself or another, the Reiki light helps bring balance to the summoner and the person being healed, and may heal physical ailments or emotional/mental problems. Hence, giving is its own reward, and giving is receiving. In other words, when you give, you receive (automatically, without worrying or requesting anything in return).

Having said that, I am rather skeptic about whether those that ask you for money for spiritual services such as healing are truly able to heal or actually have anything with spirituality. Some say that it is a way of giving value to their work, and some say that it helps the person being healed / assisted to motivate himself to use the assistance, and one said (my Reiki master actually) that it is essential to have the exchange happen because there must be give and take for the benefit to take place (which I find absurd really).

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