August 8th, 2010

RobinHood & iFly dark-night used the blue soleil to magically remove all malware from dune-cat

date: Mar14 Apr04

Dear ,

  • WoW1 o de 3 weeX: wave-board like skate-board but with just 2 wheels => to move then must keep swaying hips back and fro but will end up going forward in waves ~Low's instant kid

  • WoW 2 o de 3 weeX: Live Messenger now includes dynamic display-pictures (can take web-cam pictures of 4 emoticons so display picture changes to those whenever you use them)

  • info o de 3 weeX: Tipitaka Buddhism's teachings / Buddha's structured teachings of the Canonical Pali literature) is divided into 3 baskets (pitakas): Vinaya Pitaka (offenses, penalties, and rules for the ones designated to study Buddha's teachings), Suttanta Pitaka (discourses and sermons), and Abhidamma Pitaka (abstract philosophical teachings addressing ultimate truths

  • Awesome Product 1 o de 3 weeX: Lexmark Z1420 (color inkjet with WiFi) | RATING (out of 3): Quality: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 3 (Awesome) | REVIEW: extremely user friendly, even WiFi setup

  • Awesome Product 2 o de 3 weeX: Partition Wizard Business Edition (free hard-disk partitioning program) | RATING (out of 3): Quality: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 3 (Awesome) | REVIEW: free but works on XP or Vista, even better than Partition Magic, which sometimes doesn't even work

  • Powerful Service 1 o de 3 weeX: Muay Thai at Shangri La - Dubai by Ben | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 2.5, Availability: 3, Efficiency: 3, Professionalism: 2, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 2.7 (Powerful) | REVIEW: not very flexible with the stance (seems to null other stances like boxing / Japanese arts, etc.), training is personalized and systemized (perfect technique with mirror -> perfect bag-training -> perfect pad training -> perfect sparring) with reasoning (not just rules) and very close attention to details (hence slow then fast) with huge emphasis on consuming minimal energy (hence not about speed nor fitness), only AED40 ($15) for around 3 hours, a little too much chit chat, sometimes up to an hour :P

  • Powerful Service 2 o de 3 weeX: iFly (indoor sky-diving at Dubai's new Mirdiff City Center) | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality, 3, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 3, Friendliness: 3, Overall: 2.5 (Powerful) | REVIEW: expensive at AED195 ($55), time depending on number of people (45 minutes for up to 10 people including training and preparation making it a minimum of 2 minutes per person) but service is excellent (very friendly, very professional, very safe-cautious)

  • Awful Product 1 o de 3 weeX: Partition Magic (for partitioning hard-disks on PCs) | RATINGS(out of 3) | Quality: 1, Availability: 1, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 2, Overall: 1.2 (Awful) | REVIEW: even though purchased it before, couldn't get it to work

  • Awful Product 2 o de 3 weeX: BlueSoleil bluetooth application (version 5 esp.) | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 1, Efficiency: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1 (Awful) | REVIEW: keeps insisting on running itself and activating bluetooth; even created its own network connection for bluetooth!

  • Awful Product 3 o de 3 weeX: Malware Removal Starter Kit by Solution Accelerators for Windows | RATINGS (out of 3): Quality: 1, Professionalism: 2, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1.35 (Awful) | REVIEW: supposed to be last-resort anti-virus system so won't have to format but way too hard to prepare the CD because have to do create the CD using DOS commands, and have to copy chosen anti-virus' entire program files, have to redo every time to update anti-virus signatures, instructions not very clear, corrupted my OS once because made a tiny error (forgot an underscore) and didn't work after I formatted the PC, but did corrupt my wireless card driver

  • Awful Service o de 3 weeX: 2306 SMS chat service in UAE | RATINGS (out of 3) Quality: 1, Professionalism: 1, Friendliness: 1, Overall: 1 (Awful) | REVIEW: an absolute scam and spam, over $1 an SMS, even if never reached, even for requesting commands, which never even works. Also, cannot remove self from directory so keep getting SMSs from others, who seem to be just staff members!

  • MooVee o de 3 weeX: Dark Knight | RATING: Realism (acting / setting / effects): 3, Story (plot): 2 | Comedy (funniness): 1, Overall: 2 (Powerful) | REVIEW the best Batman version yet, especially due to The Joker's madness portrayal, and 2 Face is way better than ever before, but lacks some comedy as usual, though the special effects are beyond amazing. I checked out the special-features and found out that they used one of only 3 I-MAX cameras at that time, one of which broke, and they sabotaged an actual building for one of the scenes

  • FunnY 1 o de 3 weeX: life-guard at Maha Rotana in Abu-Dhabi told me to do "fist-stroke" cause was splashing too much with "whale-stroke"

  • FunnY 2 o de 3 weeX: giant DuneCat worm at

  • Lesson o de 3 weeX: disconnect anyelectronic device that is giving out a burning scent because it is a sign that it WILL soon fail, and if it does then it will short-circuit and disconnect all the electronics within the same fuse-box, and it might even ruin some. The source of the scent can even be a cable. You can check by smell, sight (burn marks) and touch (heat).

  • Newz o de 3 weeX: Robin Hood Tax idea that aims to charge a little more tax from big transactions @

  • eVent 1 o de 3 weeX: studied the Tipitaka contents (13 pages) and preface from's Guide to Tipikata (compiled by U Ko Lay)

  • eVent 2 o de 3 weeX: got a fake iPod Nano that is smaller and much better than the original for AED100 ($25) that support video, radio, voice-recording, audio, with 2GB, power-USB charger, USB cable, 3 month warranty, hard-disk transfer, and it works!!! Got it from Abu-Dhabi Co-Op in Abu-Dhabi Mall. The original is more expensive, does not support video nor radio nor voice-recording, hard to synchronize with (must be through iTunes), and doesn't even last!

  • eVent 3 o de 3 weeX: tried indoor sky-diving (iFly) at Dubai's new Mirdiff City Center

  • BlargH o de 3 weeX: got SMS from 2214 via cellphone about chat service so gave my nickname and gender to 2306 (BIG MISTAKE) as indicated, then realized that was getting charged AED4 (a little more than $1) for each SMS that I sent to it, even if it never reached (due to wrong recipient nickname for e.g.), and even for requesting commands info, which never even worked!

  • Quote o Wisdom 2 o de 3 weeX: "If you aren'tfired up with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." -Vince Lombardi


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