no update update

I'm still
1) formulating the protocol for my LJ updates
2) working on more content for MoWmania,
3) dealing with the disturbing lack of service-speed with my potential hosting-site (testing site & phpBB on it) run by my friend Locias

sow thought I wouldn't update till I'm done sow :/


VooV's deep thoughts

"its raining here since morning... and i am sitting @ home since morning... i am sitting here on the Chair since morning and i am sitting here because its raining sinCE morning... since morning i was thinking that why is it thinking and since i am thinking... it's been raining since MOrning(((((((( the since FACTOR00000000000000000000)))))) he he he" -VooV

lOl she sho cute
Doesn't VooV look like a smileyFully?
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newZ update: LJ terminology change

iThink I'm changing the word that represents bad events from the Scottish word SHite to Blarg relating to the common internet slang expression .. blarg.

Reason being that the former format-code could limit my audience, and at some instances, even offend them 8O. Besides.. I barely ever use the word in real life lOl.

Any comments? Yes... silence is a type of comment. but it's way overrated, and seems to be disgustingly overused lately!


HeH? update: the strange main-site hit-boom

Well I checked the Dot.TK site stats, but I didn't get a record for hits for either 20th or 21st of Jan .. which doesn't make sense because the hit numerb more than doubled overnight between the 20th and the 21st.

So I check my Geocities site stats and found out that I actually received around 15 hits on the 20st by itself. I checked if any of those hits are registered as me, but it doesn't seem to count me as a visitor since I logged in my Geocities account using this puter. Also, it says "unique hosts" so even it was me, then it wouldn't have counted me more than once a day. Hmm.. odd.. now who could this stalker type character bee 8/

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newZ update: main site open

HaH! iNow haVe - and finally btw - my own main site: MoWmania!

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As for the main page, today iChecked it , and the number of hits somehow rose from 20 to 50 overnight! How did that happen?! 8O I can't even find a link to the site from Google using my nicknames as keywords! iGuess I'll check my dot TK site stats.

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Newz update: vroomeeh

heHeh yeh (if you got the gist which is highly unlikely 8/) I'm a car driver now (as apposed to an air driver or a driver with no car 8p)! Who's car? Well .. let's just say that it has a female doll hanging from the rear-mirror and a missing tire-frame (my mom's if that didn't give you a clue 8p) 8]

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WLAN update3 (SHite): THE SHUTDOWN

At last, I joyously return to the store - or at least to its known location - in Abu-Dhabi to exchange my DSL router with a cable one - and keep walking when I realize I've walked too much. But huh? Where did that shop go? It used to be here no more than a month ago! Yes... shut down! Why? Because the building was scheduled for demolition!

Well isn't that a kick in the shin and a flip over the floor convenient or what? I finally have time to do the job myself when I find out that the only store that can fix this screw up and exchange the Deranged Screwheaded Line router is shut down ... maybe even permanently!

Well I think I have no choice but to use this router for the rest of its eternity.

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WLAN update (info): DSL can work on cable

Yes you heard it here.. eVen if you get a DSL router, you can make it work with a cable connection. All you have to do is hook up the router through one of its LAN ports, but to the cable outlet, then configure the TCP/IP of the computer connected to the router to the router's IP usually being in order to configure it.

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Tomorrow .. I should get a proper cable router back from Abu-Dhabi. I couldn't get a replacement here in Dubai because the branch is more stuck-up aboot formalities and not replacing things unless they really don't work. Here, the problem is that the wrong type was given, to my fatha, but that happened in A-D.

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